Many properties in Muskoka are older homes, which means that many of them have electrical systems that were not built to handle today’s electrical needs. This makes a safety inspection, repairs or even an electrical service upgrade not only desirable, but a safety necessity. An obsolete home electrical system trying to handle modern electricity needs is not just inconvenient for home owners who constantly struggle with flickering lights, tripping breakers and too few outlets for too many modern appliances—it can be downright dangerous. Electrical fires account for almost half of the home fires in the country in any given year, which adds up to over 26,000 fires, $1 billion in property loss, as well as hundreds of people killed and thousands injured.

Call Muskoka Electric right away if any of the following apply to your home:

  • The lights constantly flicker anytime you turn on a major appliance
  • The circuit breakers often trip, and fuses blow
  • The electric panel overheats
  • You have to use a lot of extension cords, or don’t have enough outlets to power all of your appliances.
  • Your home has several two-pronged outlets (3-pronged GFCI, or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are required in new homes as they protect people from getting shocked).
  • You have recently installed air conditioners, heat pumps, or any other large appliance that draws a lot of electricity.
  • You have added a new office, workshop, finished basement or other areas to your home.

You can be confident that we, at Muskoka Electric, will help ensure the safety of your home or place of business by complying with the current electrical code requirements.